And The Dog Name Winner Is…

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May 15, 2013 by Bourbon Empire

It’s as if a cute bomb just exploded in our apartment. The new dog is here, and we’ve settled on a bourbon-related name.

We got a lot of great suggestions, but the winner is Basil, after Basil Hayden’s. It isn’t necessarily my favorite bourbon, but it’s a bourbon that helps introduce a lot of people to higher-end bourbons, and this is my first dog. Pappy immediately got scratched from the list because it’s a little too hyped (and the vet informs us she already treats two other Pappy’s in the neighborhood). Other contenders were Pepper, Trace, Booker, and Lee. I was vetoed when I suggested Fighting Cock 107 proof.

Here’s a picture. I promise you’ll swoon.



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